Rolling Stock Solutions

The term rolling stock in rail industry refers to any vehicles that move on a railway track. It usually includes both powered and unpowered vehicles including locomotives, railroad cars, coaches and wagons.

We are striving to offer one of the most comprehensive rail vehicles portfolio in the country. From mainline to metro, light rail to locomotives, our strategy is of continuous development providing the most effective and cost-efficient rail solutions today and in the future.

With the will of further strengthening our capabilities of providing robust and technologically advanced products and solutions to our customer, we are working on getting more world renowned Principals in the Rolling stock sector on board with Equinox.

We provide the following Rolling Stock Products and Solutions:

  • Diesel Electric Locomotives
  • Freight Wagons
  • Passenger Coaches
  • Spare Parts
  • Refurbishment of Locomotives
  • Metros and Trams