Railway Signaling Solutions

Railway signaling is the methodology by which the movement of trains are controlled. Warning to the train driver is of significant importance considering that the break distance is long with limited visibility. The trains are guided by the tracks and need guidance through signaling to avoid any collision.

Pakistan Railways has a vast network of track, which are guided by obsolete Signaling Systems. They are in the process of up grading their Signaling Systems where Equinox is playing a vital role. This transformation into a Computer Based Interlocking (CBI) Signaling System will bring technological advancement to Pakistan Railways and enhance safe train operation with significant financial benefits.

Our portfolio of Railway Signaling Solutions includes:

  • Computer Based Interlocking (CBI) Signaling System
  • All Relay Interlocking (ARI) Signaling Systems
  • Automatic Train Protection (ATP)
  • Radio based Rail Control and Signaling Systems (CBTC)
  • Train Monitoring System/Solution
  • Level Crossing Protection System
  • Other Wayside and Indoor Signaling Equipment