Life at Equinox


We are a people oriented company that truly believes in the empowerment of its employees through training and multiple growth opportunities. We recognize that nothing can make us achieve success without our workforce’s focus, commitment to the task at hand and the robust energy to deliberate, innovate and execute viable ideas and solutions for the company in any work domain.

We are on the lookout for bright minds and welcome candidates who are ambitious, dedicated and hardworking from all over Pakistan.

The Best Candidates choose Equinox Because:

At Equinox, we value our employees like we value our customers. Our hiring is seamlessly complemented with a progressive career development system which enables various job movements vertically, laterally or cross functionally.

Our People, Our Brand

Our understanding and value for employees is built on the idea that they build our brand by taking its ownership. This is why we invest ardently in the training and development of employees and make sure that their voice is heard and incorporated into the company’s best practices.

Our recruitment process involves the selection of the best candidates for each job and making sure that they stay motivated through job enrichment and advancement in the organization.

Build your Career with Us

Equinox offers a wide array of career options for candidates based on high performance standards, which, when achieved, fast track the employees’ upward mobility in the organization.


Equinox is always on the lookout for the top talent available in the related industry. We encourage and empower our employees to contribute to the company’s business objectives and to pursue their personal and professional goals.

Management Trainee Officers (MTOs)

Our Management Trainee Officers (MTO) Program aims at inducting and mentoring the highest caliber of young graduates from among the top universities of Pakistan and abroad. We help them with the transition from an academic background to the actual workplace and provide them with many opportunities to hone their skills as business professionals.


Equinox offers internships for fresh graduates based on the company’s requirement. The purpose is to connect education with relevant work experience and to help students learn and develop skills in business areas specifically relevant to them.

Company Culture

Equinox thrives on a cooperative and inclusive culture where you will see gender diversity and mutual respect for everyone. Our employees are driven individuals with the passion and zest to work coherently for the success of the company.

The professional, positive and friendly working environment allows free and independent thinking and the space for creative workflow as our employees discuss, deliberate and dispense smart strategies, services and solutions for the brand that is Equinox!

Our performance based system is transparent and fair, holding employees accountable for their contribution to the firm and rewarding high performers with opportunities to move up the corporate ladder with a promising career path and the chance to grow with the organization.

Who Are We Looking For

At Equinox, everything starts with the sincere adherence to our essential core values including Integrity, Excellence and the unconditional conformity to the Highest Ethical Standards in all matters of conduct within the company and with our stakeholders.

We are equal opportunity employers intermittently in search of new recruits and professionals who are team players/ leaders with the energy, passion and verve to contribute to the productivity and progress of the workplace, while strictly conforming to our core values.