Core Values

Core Values

The resounding and sustained success of Equinox can be clearly attributed to the corporate core values that define our brand, company culture, our business strategies and way of working. The following three core values have been articulated as essential incorporations into the nexus of our corporate mindset, leading our employees and company to great achievements.


Every endeavor at Equinox is centered around integrity, which means that we choose our thoughts, words and actions carefully based on what is right, rather than what is convenient.

Stakeholder Focus

We attach utmost importance to the comments and opinions of our stakeholders as our regular and trusted interaction with them spins off an apposite perspective about opportunities and the expectations from us, that lead to mutual and sustainable business development, retention and growth.


Ensuring both service and business excellence lies at the heart of operations at Equinox as we continually strive to deliver the highest quality of adaptable products and standardized services derived through a process of scientific innovation and the provision of effective solutions.