Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Equinox vehemently follows the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct established by Panasian Group for its subsidiaries. The Board of Governors and all employees alike, live by the philosophy that the credibility and reputation of an organization is shaped by the collective conduct of its employees.

The code of conduct is based on our commitment to integrity, excellence and the highest ethical standards that we conform to within the company and with our stakeholders.

It explains and elaborates on the quality of behavior expected from employees in their daily routines and work spaces, gently relaying the guiding principles to help them conduct their work practices, decision-making and dealings with others in a way that is consistent with our values and reputation.

Never redundant, the code is designed to evolve by adapting to the changes in the business context or regulatory environment that may create a need for new guidelines, covering a wide range of factors that affect the functionality of the workplace including (but not limited to) leading by example, compliance with laws and regulations, policy of anti-discrimination and anti-harassment, issues relating to conflict of interest, health, safety and environment, relationship with external stakeholders, sense of fair competition, CSR activities, the policy of failure to comply and zero tolerance towards bribery, corruption and money laundering.

Our employees across the board are encouraged to refer to and imbibe the spirit of the Code of Conduct and to report any misdemeanor or variance from the base to their line managers/ leaders for appropriate action. It is also deemed imperative that those who lead others in the organization justify their special position of responsibility by setting an example of what it means to “Live by the Code”.

Through our Code of Conduct, we have been able to create a working environment that all can take pride in a company that is respected and admired for best business practices – that will carry us to even higher levels of success.